[TUHS] The French SOL Project

Pierre Chapuis catwell at catwell.info
Wed Dec 13 00:52:30 AEST 2017

SOL was a spin-off research project from a more famous French research
project called Cyclades, the first datagram network [1]. Knowing that I
would guess that the IP may be owned by INRIA.
Chorus Systems was a startup which was acquired by Sun in 1997, and the
IP belongs to Oracle. However version 5.0 was open sourced by Sun and
forked under the name Jaluna, apparently the sources can still be found
at SourceForge [2].
I couldn't find any sources for SOL, and I don't think it has ever been
[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CYCLADES
[2] https://sourceforge.net/projects/jaluna/files/Developer%20Edition/1.0/
Pierre Chapuis

On Tue, Dec 12, 2017, at 15:18, Clem Cole wrote:
> In the early 1980s, a bunch of French researchers set out to build a
> clone of UNIX/V7 in Pascal (using a ukernel IIRC).   The project was
> the SOL project [Gien, 1983].   I believe it eventually begat the
> Chorus system (which was C++); which UI was going to use for System
> V/R5 before it all blew up.> 
> 1)   Does anyone know what happen to SOL?  Was it finished, deployed,
>      used for anything?> 
> 2.) Did the sources and doc survive (and who owns the IP)?   I think
>   those should be in the TUHS archives, as I think this was the first
>   attempt at a rewrite of UNIX in something other than C (or
>   assembler).> 
> 3.) On a similar thought, did the Chorus code survive and who owns
>   the IP?> 
> Clem
>  [Gien, 1983]*“The SOL Operating System*”, Michel Gien, USENIX
>  Association, 1983, Proceedings of the Summer ’83 USENIX Conference,
>  Toronto, On, Canada, July, 1983, Pages 75-78> 

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