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Clem Cole clemc at ccc.com
Wed Dec 13 00:40:31 AEST 2017

My question about SOL got me thinking a bit.  It would be nice to have
section in TUHS of any early clones that could be collected.   The two that
I can think of that probably should be there are (other feel free to point
ones that we should try to find):

1.) Idris, which was fairly true to V6 (enough that the one time I test it,
things from pretty much just worked).  It was notable from being first.
Although the C compiler and the 'anat' (the assembler) were a tad
different.  It the system that got Bill Plauger in trouble @ USENIX @ UDEL
when he was booed for a 'marketing' talk.

2.) CRDS (pronounced Cruds by those of use that use it at the time) -
Charles River Data Systems.   It was a UNIX-like system, although I do not
think really attempted to hold to a V7 API much more than intent.  Although
if my memory serves me, one of the unique features was the use of Reed &
Kanodia synchronization in its kernel [REED79], which I was a always a
fan.   The system was slow as sin bit it ran on a 68000.  [CRUDS system, a
Fortune box and our Vax/750 running BSD4.1 were the systems Masscomp used
to bootstrap].


[REED79] D.P. Reed and R.K. Kanodia, "Synchronization with Eventcounts and
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