[TUHS] V7 32V 3BSD dates

Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Sat Dec 9 14:44:47 AEST 2017

OK. I'm confused. Maybe people here can help me understand.

Looking at the V7 sources, it looks for all the world like they were
released Jan 10, 1979. This release was PDP-11 only. So far, so good.

32V, a port to the VAX, is listed as 'early 1979'. Dates in the files in
the archive suggest March 26th, 1979 (though there are dates as late as May
3rd and April 30th on two files that are trivial). The tape we have in the
archive has a date Feb 22, 1980 written on it. Given the dates, that's only
3 months after V7 was released. This seems very fast, but maybe it's OK
since it's a swapping release....

3BSD, The Berkeley 32V has file dates as late as Mar 22, 1980... This seems
reasonable for turning V7 from swapping into paging... about a year is fast
but not crazy fast.

My question is: did these three events really happen in this quick
succession? Did USDL folks get started with a preliminary V7 for V32 or was
the port really done in 2 and a half months? Likewise with UCB and 3bsd:
did they start early?

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