[TUHS] V7 Addendem

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Fri Dec 8 04:03:46 AEST 2017

    > From: Clem Cole

    > it's direct predecessor (UNIX/TS) which was not officially released made
    > its way to number of places ... heavily hacked systems that were combo's
    > of V6, PWB [1.0], UNIX/TS plus local additions.  UNIX/TS had a newer
    > kernel, updated FS and the compiler that was released with troff -
    > a.k.a. 'Typesetter C'

I'm not sure quite what the MIT system was.

I've never seen a detailed description of UNIX/TS, although I have seen the
"Unix Program Description" (January 1976) which documents the USG version,
and of course PWB is described in the BSTJ issue, and UNIX/TS is supposedly a
merge of those two. (If we ever do find V6+ USG source, it should be easy to
verify - that document is pretty detailed.)

I should look at the MIT kernel and see how much of it is USG, and see if I
can find any traces of the changes described as done for PWB. I know the MIT
version has provisions for longer exec() arguments, and text.c is
considerably more complex than the one in V6 (and IIRC matches the
description in the USG document); but I don't recall withough careful
checking, what was done where. Perhaps the MIT system really was /TS, and I
didn't know that - I've always described it as a hacked PWB1, but I might be
wrong there.

Did the later USG versions takeup some of the PWB work, does anyone know?  (My
thinking is 'if I find traces of PWB, would that be from /TS, or could it be a
later USG version' - I think there were 1-3, from something I saw online.)

I initially got /TS mixed up with /RT, which is the system I'd _really_ like
to find - well, MERT, actually. I think that's a really early micro-kernel
system (although I haven't done any research to confirm that), a direction I
think is important. (I think the 'THE Multiprogramming System' may be the
earliest work in that direction, although I'd be interested to hear of
anything else.)

I actually got contact info for some of the original MERT people, and was
going to contact them to see if they still retained anything, but I never
got a 'round tuit'... too many other projects. :-(


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