[TUHS] V7 Addendem [ really lawyers and AT&T consent decree ]

Jon Steinhart jon at fourwinds.com
Thu Dec 7 15:08:20 AEST 2017

William Corcoran writes:
> Well,  sure in 1963 the T1 carrier was a huge pipe.  It was a huge pipe in
> 1970.   It was also a huge pipe in 1980 for business.   (Not so for the telcos,
> as ATT had Metrobus in the 80’s and the telcos had SONET in the
> 90’s—-completely inaccessible but to the largest corporations)
> However, today, I have Fios with nearly 1 Gigabit up and down for a small fee.
> Thank you Judge Greene!
> (Let’s not forget, I now have access to a working v7 for free where the license
> previously cost $28,000.) 
> Bill Corcoran

Well yes, the consent degree made that possible.  But remember that a whole pile
of the technology came from BTL and that sort of stuff isn't getting done at the
same level without research funding.

And lucky you.  I pay $450/month for a T1 which is the best that I can get where
I live because there is no universal service.

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