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Andy Kosela akosela at andykosela.com
Thu Dec 7 14:40:21 AEST 2017

On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, Deborah Scherrer <
dscherrer at solar.stanford.edu> wrote:

> In the "good old days" of Unix

> <snip>

> I don't think I want to be part of the new community where egos seem to
> run rampant...
I do not want to add more fuel to the debate or even to judge anyone in it,
but just like to point out that egos were always big in this community, or
any other community, technical or not.  It is just part of a human nature.

If there would not be egos running rampant, we would have one, and not four
Open Source BSD projects now.  And dont even start me on the ego of RMS or
Linus... :D

It is a fallacy to believe that in the "good old days" people were better.
There is nothing new under the Sun and people were always the same...
for better or for worse.

Just my $0.02

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