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Larry McVoy lm at mcvoy.com
Thu Dec 7 11:33:08 AEST 2017

+1 Will.

And just as an aside, Deborah used to be president of Usenix.  She's part
of the history that this list is all about, I've appealed to her as well
to stick around.

Deborah, for the record, if it helps at all, Warren (who runs the
list), has booted at least one person who was not so cool (I'm biased
because I got into with that person, just so you know).  If people are
repeatedly out of line, it's very rare that happens, but if they are it
will get taken care of.  This is a friendly place, rudeness is not part
of the list.

I want to keep as many people around as possible, I love Unix, love
the history of it all, more history, more better.  Please consider
giving the list a second chance.


On Wed, Dec 06, 2017 at 07:21:48PM -0600, Will Senn wrote:
> Hi Deborah,
> I appreciate your comment. We need to be civil, especially in a world where
> so little civility remains. We who celebrate the past do not want our
> efforts to be diminished by our base demeanor. I do not think leaving is the
> best option, however. Perhaps this could serve as a call to our more
> honorable selves to step up and rethink our netiquette. Stick it out and see
> if the dialog improves in tone after your putting the community on notice. I
> think most folks on the list are reasonable and honestly desirous of a
> positive community experience.
> Regards,
> Will
> On 12/6/17 6:55 PM, Deborah Scherrer wrote:
> >In the "good old days" of Unix, the community succeeded because we all
> >shared and treated each other with respect.? Each listened to the other.?
> >Sure, there were disagreements about technical issues, as well there
> >should have been, but they were rarely made personal. That's what made
> >that community great.? I liked those times, and loved the people in
> >them.?? What happened to lose those aspects??? I don't think I want to be
> >part of the new community where egos seem to run rampant...
> >
> >Deborah
> >
> >On 12/6/17 4:41 PM, Larry McVoy wrote:
> >>Deborah,
> >>
> >>I'm pretty sure I know the conversation (and I don't believe I was a
> >>part of it, just read it) and I'm 100% sure nobody intended to be
> >>rude, they were just trying to get at an accurate history of what
> >>happened.
> >>
> >>I can see how you could take offense but I don't think any was intended
> >>and it would be a loss if you left.? Please reconsider.
> >>
> >>--lm
> >>
> >>On Wed, Dec 06, 2017 at 04:39:03PM -0800, Deborah Scherrer wrote:
> >>>Could someone please tell me how to get off this list?? I was rather
> >>>appalled at the rudeness in the previous conversation...
> >>>
> >>>Deborah
> >
> >
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