[TUHS] What UNIX Artifacts Are Still Missing?

Paul Ruizendaal pnr at planet.nl
Thu Dec 7 05:27:57 AEST 2017

> On 6 Dec 2017, at 18:13, Clem Cole <clemc at ccc.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 6, 2017 at 9:33 AM, Paul Ruizendaal <pnr at planet.nl> wrote:
> ​A​lthough Xenix predates Venix, I'm not sure it predates it on PC hardware. 

> ​It really depends how you count.   I was there at time when AT&T was negotiating the replacement for the V7 license with 10 of us (the 10 firms included Microsoft - the only time I can say I was in the room with Willy G. - but that's another story)​.  This work would become the System III license.
> ​Xenix, which was V7 based originally, was target for the generic 8086 systems (as well as PDP-11, 68K and Z8000) but the Intel support was generic so it included the PC.

Yes, you are correct: In november 1981 Xenix ran on the Altos 8600. Once you run on one 8086 machine, the next is minor step.

Your insights about licensing match with the chart on the ‘seefigure1’ website, and help explain some things about it.


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