[TUHS] AT&T 3B2/400 Emulator

Arthur Krewat krewat at kilonet.net
Thu Dec 7 05:21:33 AEST 2017

On 12/6/2017 2:00 PM, Seth Morabito wrote:
> A few weeks ago, I merged my work-in-progress AT&T 3B2/400 emulator
> into the main SIMH source tree, and I realized that I should mention
> it here, where there may be particular interest.
> The 3B2 and 3B5 were main porting platforms for AT&T System V Release
> 3, and when I realized how scarce the equipment has become to find, I
> set out to write an emulator for the 3B2. It was rough going at points
> due to lack of documentation, but I was able to reverse engineer quite
> a bit of the system through reading the SVR3 source code, and of
> course strapping my own 3B2/310 to a logic analyzer.
> The emulator is fairly complete. It certainly works well as a
> standalone, single-user UNIX system. Support for multiple terminals is
> coming very soon (as soon as I find the time, that is) so it will soon
> be possible to allow multiple users to telnet into virtual terminals,
> similar to how the SIMH PDP-11 and VAX emulators work.
Nice work! The KS10 emulation also has telnet-to-DZ11 support as well 
(cough cough).

(Ok, Bob did rewrite the DZ11 emulation after I stuffed someone else's 
version into the KS10, but still...) ;)

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