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s/did get polluted/didn't get polluted/    --- sigh

On Wed, Dec 6, 2017 at 9:29 AM, Clem Cole <clemc at ccc.com> wrote:

> An observation ... in reading the last few days emails, I fear there may
> be some confusion - there were two different tapes.  The infamous 'patch
> tape' that Lou was discussing was patches to the *Sixth Edition* which I
> want to say '76 or 77 timeframe (should be able to be dated by when Chesson
> graduated from UofI and Ken was on his way to UCB for a sabbatical).
> I can date this because we had a copy of the patch tape at CMU at least by
> I think late '77/early '78 when I was hacking full-time for the EE Dept.
>  CS had switched from the Fifth Edition on their systems, which was my
> introduction.   I would eventually bring up 6th on an original 11/34 (not a
> 34A).   The 11/34 did not 'just work' due to some small differences between
> the 11/40 and the 11/34 and remember having to do it from first principles
> borrowing a hacked CS system (11/40e), that had CSR/CRET stuff in their
> compiler, so I went back to just booting Ken's original tape, hacking until
> both 11/34 and the 11/40 boot and then having to reapplied the patches,
> because I wanted to make sure I did get polluted with the 11/40e stuff.
> The V7 addendum was obviously post Seventh Edition.  The Seventh Edition
> was released in 1979 for general availability**; although it's direct
> predecessor (UNIX/TS) which was not officially released made its way to
> number of places such as MIT and CMU via OYOCs and summer students as Noel
> and I have pointed out in the past.   Noel (MIT) and I (CMU) both had
> heavily hacked systems that were combo's of V6, PWB [1.0], UNIX/TS plus
> local additions.  UNIX/TS had a newer kernel, updated FS and the compiler
> that was released with troff - a.k.a. 'Typesetter C'  [Historical note -
> this was the system Ted with a small amount of help from me, used to create
> fsck].
> If I recall the V7 'addendum' is in reference to the later (post 1980) V7
> distribution tapes, that had one more file on it with some
> additions/corrections from Research as Doug mentioned.  IIRC: The first V7
> tapes that went out in '79 (such as the ones I recieved at CMU and then
> Tektronix) did not have that file and the copy said tape I have home is
> missing it (I just checked the label).
> Clem
> **V7 GA was in Feb '79 I think, I can not find my copy of Al Arm's letter
> to the licensees announcing it, I seem to have lost it - any other pack
> rat/old f*rt please check your files.
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