[TUHS] What UNIX Artifacts Are Still Missing?

Paul Ruizendaal pnr at planet.nl
Wed Dec 6 21:22:39 AEST 2017

> We've been able to recover quite a deal of UNIX artifacts in the past two
> decades, but what artifacts (in your opinion) are still out there that
> we should try and unearth? Remember that the 50th anniversary is coming up
> in 2019.

I’d be interested in anything on Spider/Datakit networking in V4-V7.
(at them moment the trail starts at V8, with just a few hints in earlier
source materials, and the bits that Noel found).

My thinking is that there were two main lines of early networking development
on Unix (and I realise that this gross simplification excludes many other
worthy projects):

1. The “sockets” lineage from UoI NCP Unix -> BBN NCP Unix -> BBN TCP Unix
    -> 4.1a BSD -> 4.2 BSD

2. The “device” lineage from Spider -> Datakit -> UUCP -> streams

In the first lineage there is much material available, in the second very
little. This is probably because Datakit was AT&T confidential at the time.

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