[TUHS] ARPAnet now 4 nodes

Deborah Scherrer dscherrer at solar.stanford.edu
Tue Dec 5 09:18:14 AEST 2017

Don't know about nodes, but the initial research on the arpanet was done 
at Lawrence Berkeley Lab.  The primary goal of the project
was for scientists to share data.  But, alas, the scientists didn't want 
to share data.  And, there were so many data formats that
nobody could read each other's anyway.  So we ranked the arpanet as a 
failure for that item.  However, we found that it seemed
to be incredibly useful for communications amongst people, i.e. email...


On 12/4/17 3:14 PM, Jon Forrest wrote:
> On 12/4/2017 3:06 PM, Dave Horsfall wrote:
>> The ARPAnet reached four nodes on this day in 1969 (anyone know 
>> which?); at least one "history" site reckoned the third node was 
>> connected in 1977 (and I'm still waiting for a reply to my 
>> correction).  Well, I can believe that perhaps there were only three 
>> left by then...
> One of the original 4 was my Alma Mater, UC Santa Barbara. I can
> say that even though it was one of the first four, its presence wasn't
> well known and nobody outside a select few in EE knew it was there.
> Jon Forrest

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