[TUHS] Installing Amix on FS-UAE, English Amiga Users's thread

Jason Stevens jsteve at superglobalmegacorp.com
Sat Apr 29 11:27:14 AEST 2017

I've installed it years ago on WinUAE, it was all exciting and Toni was implimenting the MMU well enough to run stuff like Enforcer, NetBSD and of course, AMIX.  The bummer is that tape image floating around is 2 user only.  So it's really not that practical of a SYSV.  A/UX on Shoebill is a more competent UNIX.

Funny how m68k Unix ruled at one point and now it's dropped off the face of the world

On April 28, 2017 11:33:26 AM GMT+08:00, Michael Huff <mphuff at gmail.com> wrote:
>I'm this close to figuring out how to get netbsd to work on fs-uae with
>no prior amiga experience. Searching around the English Amiga Users's 
>board for clues, I found a guide on downloading and installing Amix. 
>Complete with amix download links. Haven't tried it myself -I'm still 
>working on my bsd tangent. But for anyone interested:

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