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> On 7 Apr 2017, at 03:00, tuhs-request at minnie.tuhs.org wrote:
> That's a good point Josh. I've been trying to find copies of UKUUG and
> EUUG newsletters to add to the archive, along with the AUUG newsletters.
> So if you're on this list and outside of the US, now is the time to
> speak up with anecotes etc. Oh, and if you have anything worth adding
> to the Unix Archive, please let me know

Sheesh! Where to begin....

When I lived in Aus my wife and I were very close friends with John and Marrion. When he passed away, Marrion asked me to clean up his office at UNSW and collect anything of importance. Suffice to say I collected an awful lot of extremely important Unix memorabilia including copies of his books and his first original copy with hand written editing and signed by both Ken and Dennis. There's also the original Unix licenses signed off by BWK. There is so much stuff I can't list it all here but it's boxes (emphasing plural). When I left Aus I brought all this stuff for safe keeping back to the UK. That was 1996. Some time ago, I think at leat 15 years past I was in contact with someone from AUUG (grog may recall) hoping that they would send to collect it all but nothing happened. I also spoke to Armando about all this stuff he suggested a few things but even USENIX group weren't interested. So here I am with all this important stuff.....I would dearly love to hand it off. However I want some sort of guarantee that it would be housed somewhere safe for prosperity and not eventually ending up on eBay...if you know what I mean.

As to AUUGN...well one of the boxes contains just about every copy of the newsletter that was published since issue 1 through to the 1996 editions.

Warren please email me if you want to discuss further.

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