[TUHS] Non-US Unix Activities

Robert Swierczek rmswierczek at gmail.com
Sat Apr 8 06:23:04 AEST 2017

>>>> Yes!  I am very much interesting in getting my eyes on that early B
>>>> version of AberMUD (and any other B code for that matter.)
>>> It's a few inches thick, I'll dig it out and post sample code photos from
>>> it, somewhere.
>> That would be wonderful, but I would really like to bring that
>> software back to life again.  Does anyone know of an inexpensive and
>> non-labor intensive solution to this?  I imagine a fanfold printout
>> should be fairly easy to scan given the proper scanner.  I don't know
>> how or if the scanner should be taken to Alec's printout or
>> visa-versa.
> Yes, a full duplex ADF scanner, like the Fujitsu fi-4530 I own, can do it,
> but you would need to guillotine off the perforations (take it around to
> your local printer, who has the right guillotine).

Heck, I would settle for a decent camera on a tripod and a well lit
flat surface you can drape the printout over, then take a video as the
source scrolls by.
OK, maybe that is worst case, but isn't there an easy solution that
does not include cutting anything (those fanfold binder covers can be
easily dis/re-assembled.)

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