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That’s too bad all the old Sun kit was lost, without even imaging it.  I’ve been playing with TME, and going through some motions on getting SunOS 2.0 running.  SunOS 1.0 would have been interesting as well, and or anything from the SUN-100 days.

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On 7 Apr 2017, at 00:09, Warren Toomey <wkt at tuhs.org> wrote:
> That's a good point Josh. I've been trying to find copies of UKUUG and
> EUUG newsletters to add to the archive, along with the AUUG newsletters.

We certainly have some EUUG / UKUUG stuff, on paper though, and I'm not sure where they are and it is probably very partial.

While going through papers recently we found what was I am reasonably sure the quote for the first Sun sold in Scotland which might be of some interest (inevitably I now don't know where it is, although we did not throw it away).  We're not sure whether it is for that machine, but we are sure that my wife (who isn't on the list) ran it (a 2/120 we think).  It started out with SunOS 1 (or perhaps before).

Unfortunately we have thrown a lot of stuff away as we just didn't have room, including lots of SunOS & other distributions.

We both have the usual anecdotes about doing what seems now like unreasonably heroic things to fix broken systems: nothing that almost everyone who ran machines in the 1980s did not do, I think.

It's strange to think that when we first seriously encountered Unix it was about 14 or 15, while now it is 47: we've used Unix for the great majority of its life while not in any way feeling like 'old unix people': the systems we started with had huge address spaces, virtual memory and IP stacks and almost had things like NFS, and were just clearly almost unrecognisably advanced over what had existed in the early history which seemed so long ago but actually was not.


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