[TUHS] A decision

Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at sdaoden.eu
Fri Apr 7 21:56:46 AEST 2017

Josh Good <pepe at naleco.com> wrote:
 |On 2017 Apr  6, 23:23, Aram H??v??rneanu wrote:
 |>> I disagree with both of these assertions; I was weary of the repeated
 |>> personal attacks and misinformation, and I am grateful that Warren is
 |>> preserving the focus of TUHS.
 |> I agree.
 |> Thanks Warren for your continued efforts of keeping the flame alive!
 |I am grateful to Warren too, for a mailing list needs to be curated,
 |and he is putting a lot of valuable time and wise effort into that job!
 |However, I chimed in just to note that the decision, however legitimate
 |and based on the list owner's best criterion, is not an "unanimous
 |I hope I can be in disagreement while respecting Warren's decision.

I share that with you.

I have had private communication with Jörg Schilling in the past
and i think he is a very sensitive person.  I have used his
software, yes, decades before that, and he has undisputable merits
regarding the creation, maintaining and deployment of free and
open software at least, but likely even the clearing of formerly
closed source code from the sun side of the road.  I cannot
comment on the latter nor the historical facts.

But the last exchange rate of Austrian Schilling and German Mark
that i know was 7:1, still i liked spending the former.  I more
and more often (than, say, in the 70s) get the impression that the
world judges too much by the cover, let completely aside the
unwritten in between the lines, but which for more aboriginal is
the sole thing that is transported by speech!  I can't help to
wonder whether this direction is the right one.


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