[TUHS] A decision

Josh Good pepe at naleco.com
Fri Apr 7 06:08:41 AEST 2017

On 2017 Apr  6, 08:22, Warren Toomey wrote:
> All, in the 25 years of running this list, generally things have gone
> well and I've not had to make many unilateral decisions. But today I
> have chosen to unsubscribe Joerg Schilling from the list.
> I'm sending this e-mail in so that there is a level of transparency here.
> I've sent Joerg an e-mail outlining my reasons.
> Cheers, Warren

A decision is a decision, and I don't pretend that you revert it.

However, Joerg Schilling, notwithstanding his (lack of?) social
abilities and confrontational style of writing, has provided valuable
historical information, and has a non-dismissable background. It is
also worrying that this is making TUHS even more USA-centric, and that
his european point of view (however removed from "on-the-ground" MIT-
or Berkely-epicenters first hand info) is being silenced.

In my opinion, the TUHS list has been a very enjoyable read in recent
times, and those who found Joerg unpalatable had already "kill-filed" him.


Josh Good

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