[TUHS] Ninth Edition incomplete?

Noel Hunt noel.hunt at gmail.com
Sat Apr 1 10:40:29 AEST 2017

I have a distribution which I am pretty sure is V9, since there
is a tell-tale comment in dmesg.c:

 * cheap hack
 * V9 vs 9Vr2

and the '9Vr2' chimes with what Norman Wilson said in his recent

The man subdirectory is there, but I don't think it's complete;
'cmd' has a lot more in it than Norman Wilson's, but I am pretty
sure there is stuff in there that is encumbered somehow, like
'ccom'. If anyone can tell me what to remove, I shall and send
the resulting archive to Warren.  Here is a listing (-F) of
'cmd' (I am using gmail and have tried to set the font to Courier
to keep the formatting for readability; apologies if it somehow
turns into a proportionally spaced font):

512restor.c    dmesg.c        mkfs.c         shares.sh*
AllCharges.sh* dskcpy.c       mknod.c        showq.c
Charges.sh*    du.c           mkstr.c        shstats.c
ac.c           dump/          mm.sh*         size.c
accton.c       dumpcatch.c    mmt.sh*        sleep.c
adb/           dumpdir.c      morse.c        smash.c
agh.c          echo.c         mount.c        sort.c
ar.c           ed.c           mt.c           sp.c
arcv.c         egrep/         mv.c           spline.c
arff.c         eqn/           ncheck.c       split.c
as/            equal/         neqn/          spool/
asa.c          error/         netfsbug.c     stat.c
ascii.c        expand.c       newer.c        strip/
at/            expr/          newgrp.c       stty.c
awk/           factor/        news.c         style/
bad144.c       false.sh*      nice.c         su.c
basename.c     fcopy.c        nm.c           sum.c
bc.y           fgrep.c        nohup.sh*      swapon.c
bcd.c          file.c         number.c       sync.c
bigcore.c      find.c         numdate/       tabs.c
btree/         findo.c        od.c           tail.c
bundle*        flcopy.c       passwd.sh*     tape.c
byteyears.c    fmt.c          passwdx.c      tar.c
c2/            fold.c         paste.c        tbl/
cal.c          fsck.c         pcc1/          tblmount.c
calendar/      fsplit.c       pfort/         tee.c
call.c         getopt.c       pic/           telno.c
cat.c          getty.c        pico/          test.c
cb/            getuid.c       pl.c           time.c
cbt/           grap/          poly/          tk.c
cc.c           graph/         pp/            touch.c
ccom/          grep.c         pr.c           tp/
cflow/         groups.c       prefer/        tpr.c
cflow.sh*      halt.c         pret/          tr.c
cfront/        hang.c         primes/        trace/
charge.c       hdr/           printenv.c     track.c
chdate.c       head.c         printf.c       treesum.c
checkeq.c      hideblock.c    procmount.c    troff/
chmod.c        hoc/           prof.c         tsort/
chown/         hp.c           ps/            tty.c
clear/         icheck.c       pstat.c        twig/
clri.c         id.c           pti.c          ucds.sh*
cmp.c          idiff.c        ptx.c          ul/
col.c          idle.c         punct/         umount.c
comm.c         init.c         pwd.c          und.c
config/        iostat.c       pwintf.c       unexpand.c
coreid.c       ipa/           quot.c         uniq.c
cp/            join.c         random.c       units/
cpio.c         kill.c         ranlib.c       upas/
cpp/           labmake.c      rarepl/        update.c
cref/          last.c         rates.c        user.c
cron.c         lcomp/         readslow.c     ustats.c
ct/            ld.c           reboot.c       v7.c
ctags.c        lex/           reccp.c        v8.c
cut.c          lim.c          refer/         vis.c
cvcrypt.c      limiter.c      reloc.c        visi/
d202.sh*       lint/          remshent.c     vmstat/
daemon/        ln.c           renice.c*      vpr.c
date.c         load/          restor.c       w.c
dblbuf.c       log.c          rev.c          wall.c
dc/            logdir.c       revpag.c       wc.c
dcheck.c       login.c        rm.c           where.sh*
dd.c           look.c         rmdir.c        which.sh*
deroff.c       ls.c           sa.c           who.c
df.c           make/          savecore.c     write.c
dict/          makekey.c      sdb/           wwb/
diction/       markbad.c      sed/           wwv/
diff/          mc.c           seq.c          xargs.c
diff3/         mesg.c         server/        xref/
dircmp.sh      mips.c         setgid.c       xstr.c
dired/         mk/            setlog.c       yacc/
dis.c          mkbitfs.c      settod/        yes.c
dkname.c       mkdir.c        sh/
dkstat.c       mkfile         sharer.c

On Sat, Apr 1, 2017 at 2:34 AM, Diomidis Spinellis <dds at aueb.gr> wrote:

> First, many thanks to all people who made it possible to release v8 to v10
> and especially to Warren for bringing them together.
> I went through the files in the Ninth Edition available at
> http://www.tuhs.org/Archive/Distributions/Research/Norman_v9/ and I fear
> that the distribution may be incomplete.  The manual pages for most
> sections are missing.  Also, many v8 /usr/src/cmd commands are not
> available in v9 /cmd.  This is the list of the difference between the two
> sets.
> 2621 300 300s 4014 450 512restor ac accton Admin apply arcv arff as asa
> ascii asd at awk bad144 basename bcd bundle byteyears c2 cal calendar
> cb cbt cc ccom cflow cflow checkeq chgrp clri col comm compact compat
> config cref crypt csh ct ctags cvcrypt cyntax daemon dcheck deroff des
> descrypt diction diff3 dircmp dired dmesg dskcpy dump dumpcatch dumpdir
> efl ether ex expand f77 factor false fcopy finddev flcopy fold fsplit
> fstat getopt getuid graph group gsi head hideblock hist hoc hp icheck
> ideal idiff inet install iostat kasb labmake last lcomp ld learn lfactor
> lint load log logdir look m4 mail Mail makekey man map mesg mips mkbitfs
> mkstr monk morse ncheck neqn netfsbug newer news nm number numdate oops
> pack paste pcc1 PDP11 plot primes prof pstat pti ptx punct qed quot
> random rarepl ratfor rcp readslow refer reloc renice reset restor rev
> rp07dump rp07rest sa savecore sdb sdiff seq server settod showq snocone
> spell spline split struct style sum swapon tabs tape tcat tk tp tpr tr
> trace track trim tsort ul und unexpand uniq units upas uucp uudecode
> uuencode v8 value view2d vis where wwb wwv xref xstr yacc yes
> Anyone knows what is going on?  Does someone have a more complete
> distribution of the Ninth Edition that Warren can put online?
> Diomidis
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