[TUHS] Ninth Edition incomplete?

Diomidis Spinellis dds at aueb.gr
Sat Apr 1 01:34:22 AEST 2017

First, many thanks to all people who made it possible to release v8 to 
v10 and especially to Warren for bringing them together.

I went through the files in the Ninth Edition available at 
http://www.tuhs.org/Archive/Distributions/Research/Norman_v9/ and I fear 
that the distribution may be incomplete.  The manual pages for most 
sections are missing.  Also, many v8 /usr/src/cmd commands are not 
available in v9 /cmd.  This is the list of the difference between the 
two sets.

2621 300 300s 4014 450 512restor ac accton Admin apply arcv arff as asa
ascii asd at awk bad144 basename bcd bundle byteyears c2 cal calendar
cb cbt cc ccom cflow cflow checkeq chgrp clri col comm compact compat
config cref crypt csh ct ctags cvcrypt cyntax daemon dcheck deroff des
descrypt diction diff3 dircmp dired dmesg dskcpy dump dumpcatch dumpdir
efl ether ex expand f77 factor false fcopy finddev flcopy fold fsplit
fstat getopt getuid graph group gsi head hideblock hist hoc hp icheck
ideal idiff inet install iostat kasb labmake last lcomp ld learn lfactor
lint load log logdir look m4 mail Mail makekey man map mesg mips mkbitfs
mkstr monk morse ncheck neqn netfsbug newer news nm number numdate oops
pack paste pcc1 PDP11 plot primes prof pstat pti ptx punct qed quot
random rarepl ratfor rcp readslow refer reloc renice reset restor rev
rp07dump rp07rest sa savecore sdb sdiff seq server settod showq snocone
spell spline split struct style sum swapon tabs tape tcat tk tp tpr tr
trace track trim tsort ul und unexpand uniq units upas uucp uudecode
uuencode v8 value view2d vis where wwb wwv xref xstr yacc yes

Anyone knows what is going on?  Does someone have a more complete 
distribution of the Ninth Edition that Warren can put online?


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