[TUHS] History repeating itself (was: Unix v6 problem with /tmp)

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Sun Jul 31 14:25:05 AEST 2016

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> On 30 Jul 2016 10:15 -0400, from cowan at mercury.ccil.org (John Cowan):
>>> Who needs FedEx?
>> Well, latency counts for something too, as does radius: if I want to
>> send bulk data from New York to London (a very normal thing to do),
>> your station wagon isn't going to count for much.
> You could, however, get an economy class flight ticket and load up
> your suitcase with either HDDs or SDXCs (I suspect SDXCs would be
> better per amount of data from the perspective of both volume and
> weight, and would take better to handling). Given FedEx's prices,
> _once you have the infrastructure set up_ (which you'll need whether
> you have someone travel with the media, by air or by stationwagon, or
> FedEx it), that _might_ even compare favorably in terms of bytes
> transferred per second per dollar. (Now that's a measurement of
> throughput I don't think I've seen before; B/s/$.) Of course, you'd
> need someone who can babysit the suitcase, which potentially adds to
> the cost, but the stationwagon traditionally hasn't been self-driving
> either, and most of a transatlantic flight isn't active time on part
> of the person travelling with the suitcase so you could go with an
> overnight flight and allow the person to sleep.
> If you want to reduce the risk of the bag getting handled roughly or
> lost in handling, reduce the above to carry-on luggage; it will still
> provide a quite respectable throughput.
> ... ...
> It might not be the absolute cheapest approach, but it seems rather
> hard to beat in terms of throughput per dollar for bulk data transfer,
> especially if you already have someone who would travel anyway and can
> be convinced to take a company-approved suitcase in return for having
> their ticket paid for.
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To setup the 'infrastructure might be the tricky part. Many years ago
I flew from Montreal to Amsterdam and had two stacks of 5-1/4"
diskettes with me. No papers, confiscated in Amsterdam.


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