[TUHS] Of login names

Steve Simon steve at quintile.net
Tue Jul 19 04:07:22 AEST 2016

what fun we had in the early 1980s when the uk universities ran coloured book networking, that used arpanet style names but in the reverse order. I was ssimon at uk.ac.leeds-poly.ee.pe.

formulating valid routed paths with % could be taxing...


> On 18 Jul 2016, at 15:35, Norman Wilson <norman at oclsc.org> wrote:
> Just to be clear: I don't pine at all for UUCP.
> I do still think it's a mistake that e-mail addresses and
> domain names run backwards from the way directories and
> filenames run.  That's what I miss about !norman vs
> norman at .
> But it's all a Beta-vs-VHS matter these days, like a lot
> of unfortunate design decisions that have become standard
> over the years.  Like git winning out over hg, which is
> sort of like the VAX/VMS command language winning out over
> the Bourne shell.  (To toss another pebble into the pond
> to see what the ripples look like, rather in the manner
> of Rob and Dave.)
> Norman Wilson
> Toronto ON

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