[TUHS] Of login names

William Cheswick ches at cheswick.com
Mon Jul 18 20:42:28 AEST 2016

I heard that Bob Morris was asked for his initials, he said “rm”, they insisted on a middle initial,
which he didn’t have, so he supplied “h”, hence “rhm”.

This looks right: wikipedia does not mention a middle name, and Fred Grampp used to tell stories such as:

	They asked me for a social security number.

	I told them I dont’ give that out.

	They said, “Sir, I need a number.”

	He replied, “Okay, 123456789.”

	“No, sir, that number is no good…”

It’s definitely something Bob would do, but I can’t imagine that 1127 would have some rules about

As for me, I had been known for 20 years as “BC.”  When I got to the labs, Barbara Chambers
had beaten me to letters, hence “ches”.

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