[TUHS] Of login names

Norman Wilson norman at oclsc.org
Sun Jul 17 22:05:22 AEST 2016

Gr[aeiou]g Lehey:

  And I wanted greg@, but it was taken.  So I ended up with grog@, and
  I've had that for nearly 30 years.


I was !norman for some years, but when I left Bell
Labs for the real world 26 years ago, I was forced
to switch to norman at .

That was part of the price I paid for trading suburban
New Jersey for downtown Toronto.  On the whole it was
a more-than-satisfactory trade, and emerging to the
real world broadened my perspectives in many areas,
but being stuck with Hideous Naming was certainly a
minor disadvantage.

Norman Wilson
Toronto ON
research!norman no more

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