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> evolution of human languages, we now return you to the Unix Heritage
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ACK but I cannot resist one last item:  UNIX in the OED.

Additions 1993

Unix, n. Computing.
Also UNIX.

[f. as a play on the earlier *Multics n., with uni- one for multi-
many (after the relative compactness of the newer system) and with
phonetic respelling of -ics as -ix.]

A proprietary name for a multi-user operating system orig. designed
for use with minicomputers.

   1973 Bell Lab. Rec. LI. 200 Some of the concepts, especially for
file-handling, appeared in a time-shared operating system called UNIX,
which was designed and implemented at Bell Labs.    1978 Bell Syst.
Techn. Jrnl. LVII. 1991 C‥is sufficiently expressive and efficient to
have completely displaced assembly language programming on UNIX.
1983 Austral. Personal Computer Aug. 66/2 Xenix, the Microsoft
implementation of Unix disk operating systems for microcomputers.
1985 Official Gaz. (U.S. Patent Office) 29 Oct. tm63/1 UNIX‥.For
computer programs‥. First use 12-14-1972.    1986 Trade Marks Jrnl. 5
Mar. 522/2 Unix‥Computer programmes, computing apparatus; [etc.]
1989 N.Y. Times 25 Oct. d1/4 A wider industry agreement on a single
Unix standard would also increase the possibility that Unix will be
widely adopted in the business computer market.

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