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Clem Cole clemc at ccc.com
Thu Jul 7 23:36:35 AEST 2016

Warren (and Peter) -- many thanks.

On Wed, Jul 6, 2016 at 8:28 PM, Warren Toomey <wkt at tuhs.org> wrote:

> All, I've been working with Peter Salus (author of A Quarter Century of
> Unix)
> to get the book published as an e-book. However, the current publishers
> have
> been very incommunicative.
> Given that the potential readership may be small, Peter has suggested this:
> > I think (a) just putting the bits somewhere where they could
> > be sucked up would be fine; and (b) let folks make donations
> > to TUHS as payment.
> However, as with all the Unix stuff, I'm still concerned about copyright
> issues. So this is what I'm going to do. You will find a collection of
> bits at this URL: http://minnie.tuhs.org/Z3/QCU/qcu.epub
> In 24 hours I'll remove the link. After that, you can "do a Lions" on
> the bits. I did the scanning, OCR'ing and proofing, so if you spot any
> mistakes, let me know.
> I'm not really interested in any payment for either the book or TUHS
> itself. However, if you do feel generous, my e-mail address is also
> my PayPal account.
> Cheers, Warren
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