[TUHS] v6 RK05 bootloader question

Will Senn will.senn at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 06:34:50 AEST 2015

On 12/26/15 1:26 PM, Ronald Natalie wrote:
> Note that all this “boot loading” stuff was only necessary if you didn’t already have a boot rom board (the common one for the early PDPs had a bunch of diodes you clipped).   Ours was set to boot RK Drive 0 so even after we got a larger drive (80MB seemed like an infinite amount of storage after dealing with 2.4M) we left a disk with the bootstrap in RK0.
> I can’t remember the boot address on that machine, but the boot for the 11/70 I used for years at BRL is still ingrained in my memory:  7765000 (while it isn’t exactly right, I used the Glenn Miller PENNSYLVANIA-6-5000 as a memory aid).   Long after we gave up using PDP-11’s for UNIX machines, I recycled them all into internet routers using my own (“Little Operating System” LOS).   We had started with Noel’s MIT gateway but he was exiled at the time to the Bahamas or something and we decided it was easier starting over with the magnitude of changes we needed to make.
Thanks for the reply. SimH has built in boot ROM code for the RK 
controller and other devices as well. So, the boot loader code isn't 
really necessary, but I like to understand the things I am reading and 
the boot loader code is presented in the set up instructions, so I 
wanted to understand them before I moved on to other areas.

I appreciate the historical perspective. Glenn Miller, that's fun.



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