[TUHS] etymology of cron

Norman Wilson norman at oclsc.org
Thu Dec 24 03:19:50 AEST 2015

John Cowan:

  Well, of course there are conferences and there are conferences.  The
  only conference I've ever had a paper published at, Balisage, is as
  peer-reviewed as any journal.  (And it is gold open access and doesn't
  charge for pages -- the storage costs are absorbed as conference overhead.)


Have you actually looked up the cited reference?

The trouble is not that it's a conference paper.  The trouble is
that that the `authority' being cited is just a random assertion,
not backed up.

It's as if I mentioned your name in a paper about something else,
remarked in passing and without any citation of my own that you have
a wooden leg, and Wikipedia accepted that as proof of your prosthesis.

Norman Wilson
Toronto ON
(Four limbs and eight eyes, thank you very much)

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