[TUHS] etymology of cron

John Cowan cowan at mercury.ccil.org
Wed Dec 23 14:27:02 AEST 2015

Random832 scripsit:

> It may be reasonable, in Wikipedia's role as a "summary of the published
> literature", to say something like "some people have suggested" that it
> may be an acronym, and to list the sources there, but certainly _not_ to
> assert that it was actually intended as one without a source actually
> traceable to someone in a position to know.

Well, as of now it says:

    The origin of the name cron is unclear;[2] it has been suggested
    that it comes from the Greek word for time, χρόνος
    chronos,[3] or that it is an acronym for "Command Run On
    Notice"[4] or for "Commands Run Over Night".[2][discuss]

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