[TUHS] ed.c on Unix v5

Random832 random832 at fastmail.com
Sun Dec 20 06:05:50 AEST 2015

Craig Lennox <clennox at cosmic.com> writes:
> Can we at least tell which day?
> Craig

Assuming the clocks were set correctly, then to the extent it's
relevant, it'd be the latest timestamp. In Dennis_V5, that is the
kernel (and specifically conf.c, low.s, and mch.s as the most
recently modified source files), on Mar 21 1975.

The next newest files are dump, restor, and (kernel source) rkf.s
and nami.c... but there's no associated object file or change to
lib2.  The latest objects in lib1 and lib2 (and therefore
presumably the kernel) are:

lib1: sysent.o and sys4.o (Nov 21 1974) / maybe this change is getpid?
lib2: kl.o (Dec 2 1974)

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