[TUHS] Pre-v6 images and 2.11BSD patches

Tom Ivar Helbekkmo tih at hamartun.priv.no
Thu Dec 17 07:56:53 AEST 2015

John Cowan <cowan at mercury.ccil.org> writes:

> Looking at the Internet Archive's copy of 2bsd.com led me to
> <ftp://ftp.wx.gd-ais.com/pub/2.11BSD>, which indeed has patch 448 in it,

That's not an official patch.  It's a collection of improvements by
Johnny Billquist.  I'm running with a couple of them on my 2.11BSD
installations, but disagree with a couple of the others (I don't want
the automatic boot, and I do console byte length and parity slightly
differently) -- and I have a few mods of my own as well, of course.

It's great that Johnny published his changes, but they should really be
stored as six suggested improvements, and not in a way that makes them
look as if they're yet another patch kit from Steven.

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