[TUHS] boot block in v7 bootable on rp06 in simh

Hellwig Geisse hellwig.geisse at mni.thm.de
Sun Dec 6 03:53:25 AEST 2015


when I brought up UNIX V7 on simh ~10 years ago, I used
Keith Bostic's tape, a simulated PDP11/45, an RP04 disk and
a TU10 tape drive. With this configuration it worked exactly
as described in 'Setting Up Unix'. IIRC, other configurations
had problems, although I never investigated this further.

You can find my package and a HOWTO here:

One note of caution: I did not try to build the whole thing
on a modern 64-bit system; it may well refuse to run. I will
try to bring it up on my 64-bit Linux box and then report
back here, if you are interested.


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