[TUHS] boot block in v7 bootable on rp06 in simh

Will Senn will.senn at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 03:03:12 AEST 2015

In exploring v6, I have found some uses for having a running v7 instance...

When I try to install the RP bootblock during the installation procedure 
for installing Version 7 Unix following the original documentation:

I am unable to boot from the RP06 disk that I installed into the boot 
block onto via:
dd if=/usr/mdec/hpuboot of=/dev/rp0 count=1

No error, it just hangs. I compared hpuboot to the bootblock at it 
matches byte for byte. I also compared it to the hpuboot file in Henry 
Spencer's tape image (I am using Keith Bostic's tape) and it matches 
that as well.

I am asking this list because I thought y'all might know if there was a 
problem with:

1) the hpuboot binary on the tapes
2) v7 using RP06
3) something else helpful :) (maybe it's not supposed to be loaded to 
byte 0 on the disk image, although that's how it works with v6?)

I am aware that the system can be booted from tape, but that seems hokey 
(obviously it works, since that's how the installation process works in 
the first place, but I think it is reasonable to expect to be able to 
boot from the RP06). Interestingly, there are and RL02 and RK05 v7 
images that boot from disk available, but not RP.

I will ask on the SimH list, if y'all don't think it's appropriately 



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