[TUHS] Installing a large set of files into v6 from a modern host

Random832 random832 at fastmail.com
Fri Dec 4 15:27:03 AEST 2015

A couple more options occurred to me after I posted.

On 2015-12-04, Will Senn wrote:
> 1. a utility on the host that is capable of copying a directory and its 
> contents, recursively, onto a blank magtape/dectape/rk image that is 
> then readable in the v6 environment

Maybe run tp in apout? Actually, V7 through 4.4BSD has a tp that is
written in C. Maybe see if you can get it to compile on a modern system.

> 4. some kind of directory transfer utility that works over telnet that 
> can be executed from a FreeBSD or Mac OS X host and that can be executed 
> on the v6 system as well.

Well, you could try to make one using rcp as a starting point.

Or send a shar to the terminal to be executed by an interactive shell.
(I make no claims about how well typical shar archivers work with the v6
shell and utilities; you might have to write one.)

> 5. a utility capable of creating an empty magtape/dectape/rk image and 
> another capable of making a filesystem on the image and another of 
> populating the image (analogous to fdisk rkimage; mkfs rkimage; rkcopy 
> dir rkimage)

AncientFS is read-only, but adding write capability might be an
interesting project.


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