[TUHS] speaking of early C compilers

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Tue Oct 28 02:25:41 AEST 2014

On Mon, 27 Oct 2014, Noel Chiappa wrote:

> > What, as opposed to spelling creat() with an "e"?
> Actually, that one never bothered me at all!

It still annoys me, and it lives on in O_CREAT.  Then again, I once got 
annoyed with TBL's use of "center" [sic], and promptly implemented 
"centre" as well.

> I tended to be more annoyed by _extra_ characters; e.g. the fact that 
> 'change directory' was (in standard V6) "chdir" (as opposed to just 
> plain "cd") I found far more irritating! Why make that one _five_ 
> characters, when most common commands are two?! (cc, ld, mv, rm, cp, 
> etc, etc, etc...)

Especially when the syscall itself is chdir().  Perhaps "cd" was used for 
something else at the time?

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