[TUHS] Codata progress update

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Tue Oct 21 22:44:18 AEST 2014

    > From: "Engel, Michael" <M.Engel at leedsbeckett.ac.uk>

    > The machine has a Multibus FD controller with its own 8085 CPU and a
    > uPD765, connected to a Toshiba 5.25" DD floppy drive (720 kB, 80
    > tracks, 9 sectors of 512 bytes), the model identifier is DDF5-30C-34I
    > ... I couldn't find any information on that drive online, so I hesitate
    > to simply connect a more modern drive due to possible pinout differences.
    > ...
    > I also found out a bit more on the SMD disk controller. It seems to be
    > an OEM variant of the Micro Computer Technology MCT-4300 controller.
    > The only place I could find this mentioned was in a catalog of Multibus
    > boards on archive.org.
    > ...
    > So, if you happen to have any information on the Codata floppy
    > controller, the Toshiba floppy or the MCT-4300 SMD disk controller, I
    > would be happy to hear from you...

I don't, but can I suggest the Classic Computers mailing list:


They seem to have an extremely deep well of knowledge, and perhaps someone
there can help? (I'd rate the odds very high on the floppy drive.)


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