[TUHS] early cc variable and function names

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Sat Oct 18 02:11:43 AEST 2014

    > From: jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu (Noel Chiappa)

    >> Did anyone document these sorts of limitations of early cc?

    > I seem to recall at least one document from that period (I think
    > pertaining to the so-called 'Typesetter C') about 'changes to C'.
    > ...
    > I'll see if I can dig them out tomorrow.

OK, there are three documents which sort of fall into this class. First,
there is something titled "New C Compiler Features", no date, available here:


no date, but it appears to describe an early version of the so-called
'Typesetter C', mentioned in other documents, so this would be circa 1976 or

There is a second document, untitled, no date, which I have not been able to
locate online at all. I scanned my hard-copy, available here:


>From the content, it seems to be from shortly after the previous one, so say,
circa 1977.

Sorry about the poor readability (it looked fine on the monitor of the
machine my scanner is attached to); fudging with contrast would probably make
it more readable. When I get the MIT V6 Unix tapes read (they have been sent
off to a specialist in reading old tapes, results soon, I hope) I might be
able to get more info (e.g. date/filename), and machine-readable source.

Finally, there is "Recent Changes to C", from November 15, 1978, available

which documents a few final bits.

There is of course also Dennis M. Ritchie, "The Development of the C
Language", available here:


which is a good, interesting history of C.

    > Also, I have started a note with a list of 'issues with C when you're
    > backporting V7 and later code to V6'

I found several documents which are bits and pieces of this.


Too busy to really clean them up at the moment.


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