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sure   I helped to write the original version in Vax serial #1 in bliss with Dan Klien. it's predesessor was ISPL and written for the PDP 10 the Unix rewrite in C (and lisp) was The late Ted Kowalski's PhD 

the system lives today as VHDL 

I'll see if I can dig up a copy in my archives and give it to Warren or bit savers 

> On Oct 12, 2014, at 4:59 AM, luca.nini <luca.nini at yahoo.it> wrote:
> Back in the 80s in my University days  I was  using ISPS (Instruction  Set  Processor  Simulator if  I remember  correctly ) a software tool To simulate CPU.  It ran on a Vax  with  BSD 4.2. I have been  unable  to find any reference to It on the Internet . Do someone on this list  know anything offerte this software ? 
> Thanks 
> Luca 
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