[TUHS] TMG and B

Doug McIlroy doug at cs.dartmouth.edu
Wed Oct 1 23:53:37 AEST 2014

TMG was in v2-v6, sometimes in man1 and sometimes in man6.
I have an apparently complete source listing. The year is
uncertain. (Back then date headings from pr didn't mention the year!)
The accompanying manual, though, is dated 1972. There is also, besides
the TMGL definition of TMGL, a TMGL definition of pig Latin as a
simple test case.

None of this is useful, though, without a PDP-11 binary for tmg--
the usual chicken-and-egg problem with a full-blown compiler written
in its own language.


> >Speaking of TMG, is there an implementation for FreeBSD/Mac/Linux?  Or do
> > I have to find a CDC/PDP-7 emulator first? :-)
> >
> >-- Dave
> TMG is mentioned in the v3 manual:
> /sys/tmg/tmgl.o -- the compiler-compiler
> There's no files for it for v5 but it is in v6 and it seems to
> disappear after that.
> On TUHS V6/usr/source/tmg/tmgl.t would seem to be a source file.
> I did manage to get something running for pdp-7 on simh and got to the
> GA prompt.
> Didn't get it to do much beyond printing "CAB DECSYS7 COPY   15 JUNE 1966"
> Mark

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