[TUHS] networking on unix before uucp

Cory Smelosky csmelosky at gewt.net
Sat Aug 23 08:12:59 AEST 2014

On Fri, 22 Aug 2014, Mary Ann Horton wrote:

> Shortly thereafter in 1978, Eric Schmidt (yes, that Eric Schmidt) wrote 
> Berknet, which was similar to UUCP but didn't use modems, it ran over null 
> modem serial line interconnections.  It ran on V6, V7, and the Vax.

How does that Berknet differ from the Berknet in...4.0/4.1BSD?  I've seen 
what I THINK was ethernet code there...but I couldn't be sure as I 
couldn't even decipher the addressing scheme. ;)

I've been meaning to ask about Berknet, anyway.  One of my side projects 
is to get it operational.

> For a few years, the Berknet link between ucbvax (which had a modem and was 
> on UUCP) and ingvax (which was on the ARPANET) was the gateway between the 
> UUCP and Usenet networks and the ARPANET.

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