[TUHS] Possible way to get more old unix source

John Cowan cowan at mercury.ccil.org
Sun Aug 10 00:54:24 AEST 2014

Mark Longridge scripsit:

> Ok, I was just thinking that we have a lack of Unix version 5 (and
> older) source code but since the Unix v5 era was the era of
> teletypewriters perhaps there could be a stockpile of old teletype
> printouts somewhere. Assuming they didn't run out of paper all the
> time there would have been an automatic record generated of everything
> Thompson and Ritchie did. Some of those printouts must have been kept
> somewhere.

In my (non-Bell-Labs) experience, most of that paper went straight into
a large trash can standing next to the terminal, unless there was some
reason to save a particular stretch of it.  (TTY paper was unpaginated
rolls of yellow paper, but later devices like the DECwriter used
fan-folded line printer paper.)

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