[TUHS] Unix taste (Re: terminal - just for fun)

Norman Wilson norman at oclsc.org
Mon Aug 4 12:54:34 AEST 2014

Doug McIlroy:

  A symptom of why I have always detested emacs and vi. With ^D, ^C,
  and ^\, Unix has more than enough mystery chords to learn.


What is this ^C mystery chord?

Or can it be that I am actually more wedded to the past than
Doug, in that I still use DEL as my interrupt character?

And, for that matter, @ for kill (though in the modern world
one has to type @ often enough to require learning a different
modern-world mystery chord, ^V).

I break with the past for character-erase, though: backspace,
not #.

Norman Wilson
Toronto ON

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