[TUHS] John Sundman's takes on Evgeny Morozov, Open Source, et al

Clem Cole clemc at ccc.com
Mon Jun 3 05:11:15 AEST 2013

My apologies  if some find this as spam, but I suspect this group might
also find this a worth while read.

Full discloser, I have known John since 1983 or 1984 (I do not remember
when we were co-worked at the firm he talks about in
the article [Masscomp].   I have also read of number of his books and liked
them.   In my role as President of USENIX, I allowed John to hawk his books
at some of our conferences, but other than buying his books, I have
never given him $s.



Note:  I predated John at Masscomp (and I think he left for Sun before I
left for Stellar).
Many of you know that MSCP
 was an early 1980s a start up with a lot of ex-VMS/VAX guys  (that
predated Sun and actually did $20M in business the year Sun did it's first
$1M)..   Tim, Janet and I shared a card table as our first desk.   I think
John and Steve did get hired until we expanded to the 2 bldg in Littleton
and kicked SW out.    Everything in the piece WRT to Masscomp I will valid
as true, and like John; when I have run into Tim in the past few years I'm
not sure he recognized me either [although unlike John, I do still exchange
christmas cards with Steve Talbot and just two weeks ago got an email from
Tim about something else].

I completely agree with John's point about about Eric Raymond too BTW.  And
John  makes a side bar, that "open source" being co-opted from the 60s.
He's stumbled on that right.   I have always said the "father" of Open
Source was the late Prof Donald O. Peterson (aka dop) from what he did in
the late 1960s.  But that's a story for another time.
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