[TUHS] Login names of early Unix contributors

Doug McIlroy doug at cs.dartmouth.edu
Mon Apr 1 00:44:11 AEST 2013

> Does anyone have a record or pointer regarding the login names of the
> early Unix contributors?
> In particular I'm interested in the login names of following people:
 > S. R. Bourne
 > D. Haight
 > S. C. Johnson
 > J. F. Maranzano
 > L. E. McMahon
 > S. I. Feldman
 > J. F. Ossanna
 > M. E. Lesk
 > R. H. Morris
 > D. A. Nowitz

Your correspondents have done a good job of reconstructing the
old list. Alas, I can't remember the only missing entry, Dick
Haight's login. The above list, however, wants one small
correction. Robert Morris did not have a middle name, the
"h" was a figment for filling in forms that wanted a middle
Another important name is
L. L. Cherry llc

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