[TUHS] Unable to boot v7 UNIX

Hellwig Geisse hellwig.geisse at mni.thm.de
Mon Dec 31 20:12:50 AEST 2012

Hi Rox,

On Mon, 2012-12-31 at 05:36 +0100, Rox 64 wrote:
> I'm currently unning SIMH from Debian/Ubuntu package 3.8.1-5build1.
> Should I update to a newest one? Or did I make a mistake when creating
> my bootable disk?

I cannot reproduce the behavior you describe, sorry. I'm using
32-bit Ubuntu, and compiled SIMH 3.9-0 freshly out-of-the-box.
Everything comes up as it should, including UNIX V7 multi-user

Did you remember to
  -  substitute 'tm' for the tape in all commands
  -  substitute 'hp' for the disk in all commands
  -  use hptmunix when booting
  -  do a 'mv hptmunix unix' in preparing further bootstraps
  -  'make rp04' and 'make tm' in /dev for creating devices
  -  use 153406 as size for the filesystem on /dev/rp3
  -  copy /usr/mdec/hpuboot as boot block?
Each of these steps is absolutely necessary to successfully
boot the system.

Good luck!


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