[TUHS] Classic Unix workstation GUIs

William von Hagen vonhagen at vonhagen.org
Tue Aug 21 23:46:29 AEST 2012

Though Apollos were much more Unix-like than actual Unix, the DM
environment (display manager?) on Apollo Aegis,  Domain/IX, and
Domain/OS workstations was pretty interesting, most notably for the
sophisticated interaction between the command-line and GUI. The DM was a
lot like the Moxie carbonated beverage - you either liked it or you
really wanted to spit it out. Apollo systems also ran various versions
of the X Window system, but the unique stuff was in the DM.

Site such as Toastytech's GUI Timeline
(http://toastytech.com/guis/guitimeline.html) and Typewritten Software's
Retrotechnology Media page (http://www.typewritten.org/Media/) have many
screen shots of old GUIs and apps, many on Unix or Unix-like systems.


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