[TUHS] Classic Unix workstation GUIs

Larry McVoy lm at bitmover.com
Mon Aug 20 13:28:14 AEST 2012

> It was never commercial, but there was Virtue (later known as the
> Andrew Toolkit, and even later than that known as the Andrew User
> Interface System) - the windowing system developed at Carnegie
> Mellon University as part of the Andrew Project (an early
> campus-wide workstation computing initiative).  

CMU did some good stuff.  At least they had the oompf to build stuff and
try it.  Most places just bitched about how bad things were.  CMU tried
to build their own good answer. 

I came from Wisconsin and in the same time frame Wisconsin was really busy
hacking the kernel, a lot of the core kernel people at Sun came from
Wisconsin.  I watched Mojo (Joe Moran) port BSD to a 68K in about 36 hours.
Didn't know what or who I was watching at the time but he went on to do
the SunOS 4.x VM system, which to this day is what people copy.  I had a
lot of very detailed conversations with Linus about that VM system, there
is a lot of Mojo in Linux.
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