[TUHS] Caldera ancient UNIX license question

Larry McVoy lm at bitmover.com
Mon Aug 13 14:02:00 AEST 2012

> I think our version
> of make may have been based on a System V version as well.  

I have much fondness for some early version of make, perhaps that one.
I carried the source around for 15ish years and spanked people who 
wrote makefiles that didn't work with that make.

Sadly, my team has moved on to GNU make.  

> I'm
> sure there are other (mainly smaller) examples, though since we
> used no source-code control mechanism, tracing the details is
> non-trivial.

No SCCS?  When did Rochkind do SCCS?  Wasn't it early 70's?  I gotta believe
there is SCCS history out there.  And for the record, BitKeeper can read it.
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