[TUHS] History of #! interpretation in Unix

Sven Mascheck mascheck at in-ulm.de
Tue Jan 18 06:58:27 AEST 2011

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> 4BSD (4.0) usr/src/sys/sys/TODO (of Nov.  9, 1980) says it was planned:

It was not until now that I noticed that the subject is _that_ general :)

I had already tried to completely collect all the interesting pieces
available through TUHS (and the CSRG archive) on a page as I mentioned
earlier in this thread.  But I'd like to tie in with

> For 2BSD (2.8) it was added by Dec. 16, 1981 when built with
> MENLO_SCRIPT defined (but I don't see that documented or defined).

According to /usr/kernel/src/cmd/standalone/tapes/instructions
these seem to be fixes from the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park,
perhaps by Bill Jolitz.  The code looks different from 4BSD, because
2.8BSD was a 7th ed kernel with several adds+fixes (all to be activated
by macros like the above).  I don't know yet how #! was created/derived
here, exactly - which remindes me that I don't know how the original
implementation (research unix) looked exactly.  I always had the impression
that 4.0BSD newsys/sys1.c already had been adjusted to BSD...

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