[TUHS] History of #! interpretation in Unix

John Cowan cowan at mercury.ccil.org
Tue Jan 18 06:51:28 AEST 2011

Jeremy C. Reed scripsit:

> This seems to indicate the idea was not developed separately at 
> Berkeley.

Thanks for doing the digging.  What this shows is that dmr came up with
the idea of putting shebang processing into the kernel, but it does not
show where shebangs as a shell feature came from.  I still think that
has to be the CSRG.

> It was introduced into BSD by April 1981. For 2BSD (2.8) it was added by 
> Dec. 16, 1981 when built with MENLO_SCRIPT defined (but I don't see that 
> documented or defined).

Thanks again for clarifying the ordering here: I had assumed that 2.8
was older than 4.0.

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